New Guidelines for Kids booths -we are revising the Kids Booth area to accommodate more kids – we will not allow 10×10 for a free kids space, plan accordingly.  We would like to see more kids booths in the fair in between vendors where we can squeeze them in.   

Child vendors under the age of 12 will receive a free booth space based on availability and will be variable in size.  If you would like a 10×10 space for a 12 and under kids booth, you must apply for the teen booth for $75.  Space is LIMITED and will fill up quickly.  We have several smaller booth spaces that can be made by tucking a table in between adult vendors throughout the fair.  Please don’t expect a 10 x 10 space for a tent as there are very few available. 

Teenage vendors between the ages of 13 – 18 can apply for a limited # of discounted booth spaces for $75. Please apply accordingly.  Please use the adult application for a teen booth. 

The child must work the booth and make ALL of the items to be sold – no adult crafts please. Help from the parents is allowed, but the idea is for the child to be a responsible entrepreneur.

Kids booths will be assigned based availability. PLEASE do not expect a 10’x10′ booth space.

Girdwood Forest Fair Craft Booth Application - 2020