Craft Booth Application

Forest Fair booth spaces are intended for artists and craftsmen products only.  Booth spaces are granted at the sole discretion of the Girdwood Forest Fair Committee.

The application requires craft vendors to complete a full description of all types of crafts to be sold – including people sharing the booth space. For people sharing spaces, vendor names must be provided on the application. There is a limited number of Senior and Teen booths, so apply early to secure your space.

All work must be hand-crafted by the artist! No pre-manufactured or store bought items allowed. All applicants must submit photos of everything sold in the booth, depicting samples of their crafts. The photos will be used to verify hand-crafted items for booth requests and booth assignments.  We do not put like vendors side by side.

NO PRINTED T-SHIRTS OR DRINKWARE ACCEPTED! NO pre-screened or machine printed items allowed.  Other hand made or hand dyed clothing items are accepted.  Printed items such as art prints, photo prints and stickers are the only printed works allowed.

The use of the name Girdwood Forest Fair in any iteration is reserved by the committee and incorporation of the Girdwood Forest Fair and UN-authorized use is strictly prohibited.

The Forest Fair Committee reserves the right to ask applicants to cease and/or leave if items for sale do not honor the request for HAND-CRAFTED items only or do not adhere to Forest Fair rules.

The Forest Fair Committee reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling specialty items/services if there already are several others selling the same or similar product.

The Forest Fair Committee will not accept religious practices including fortune telling such as palm reading, tarot card readings or other supernatural practices or any form of religious proselytizing or distributing printed materials. We adhere strictly to our general rule of “No Religious Orders”.

No advertising or advocating for anything other than your own booth items and business.  No broadcasting any sounds from booth spaces permitted as it interferes with scheduled Forest Fair entertainment.

Booths will be set up a minimum off the paved path.

There will not be any electrical outlets available and NO GENERATORS ALLOWED!!! Bring a cart to haul your materials up to ¼ mile into the fair grounds. Come prepared for rain and a cover for your booth as well as working around roots.

Wandering vendors are not permitted! This includes musicians – please contact the music coordinator if you want to play at the fair.

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