Since it’s beginning, the Forest Fair has always tried to bring together the finest musicians and entertainers from Alaska and beyond!

Like the craft booths, the focus has always been on original works and bringing a variety of musical styles to the stage, “something for everyone”. Girdwood has long been an ardent supporter as well as successful breeding ground for musicians and entertainers. Some of Alaska’s most popular bands got their start and have their biggest success playing in Girdwood, and all want to play the Forest Fair.

Note From your Lyrical Queen:
My first Forest Fair in 1999 was quite the experience.  I had just gotten to Girdwood after having been in AK for a bit.  I found a roommate, made a deposit on our place and moved on in.  That weekend there was the most amazing festival right down the street…my kind of town!   I didn’t even have to be there to hear the music….it was (and still is) simulcast on KEUL, our local, volunteer staffed radio station!  What a place to be!

This is my fourth year as the Music Coordinator at the Forest Fair, and it’s been a wild ride.  I get to hear music from all over the state, and all over the country as submissions start coming in in January.  This year I had over 150 submissions!  All great, all qualified, all wanting to share their songs with us at this year’s Fair.  It was a tough process to bring this number down to 20 spots on the Marlow stage, 14 spots on the Beach Stage, and basically 12 spots on the Hoppin’ Barley in the Beir Garten.

Thanks to all of you who will come and make some joyful noise in the forest with us this year!

-your Lyrical Queen

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