Booth Info

We are no longer accepting applications for 2023. 

Minimum fees are established for 10 x10 booth spaces:

  • Food Space – $450.00
  • Craft Space – $275.00
  • Teen Craft Booth (13-18) – $75.00 – limited spaces
  • Senior Craft Booth (65+) – $150.00 – limited spaces
  • Kids Craft Booth (12 and under)- FREE – not a 10×10 – See Kids booth application for details

*A limited # of booths larger than 10 x 10 are available by request only, and you will be charged the percentage over 100 sq ft. (Ex. 100 sq ft = 100% fee, 150 sq ft = 150%)

We will be evaluating clean-up on Monday after the fair at 5:00pm to determine if the clean up fine should be issued. Cleanup fine for booths is a minimum of $500.

Space Assignment
All new booths are granted on a “First Come – First Served” basis based on the date of the completed application.   Special requests for spaces are also granted on this basis. All requirements must be met and approved by Forest Fair Committee.

Returning Vendors – Vendors from the previous year event requesting their same space will be assigned first. January – February

Returning Vendors requesting different space – Vendors from previous years events requesting a change in location, will be granted after returning vendors are assigned.

New Vendors –  New vendor applications will be online March 1, first come first serve and will be assigned booth spaces based on availability.

Dates and Deadlines

  • January 1Feb 28 – Returning vendor applications online.
  • March 1 – New vendors and Kids Booth applications will be online.
  • March 15 – Payment for returning booth spaces Due
  • April 15 – Payment for new vendor booth spaces Due
  • April 30 Vendor Application Deadline: NO applications will be processed after this date! (Due to limited availability, this deadline may close sooner) Payment due on receipt of invoice for applications received after April 15.
  • June 1 -. Cancellation after May 1 and before June 1 – 50% REFUND
  • June 1 –  Proof of General Liability Insurance and health permit for food vendors
  • June 1 – Cancellation after this date – NO REFUND
  • July 6 – Booth Set-Up day from Noon to 10:00 pm – All booths need to be set-up by Thursday evening.
  • July 7, 8 -Booths open from 11am – 8pm
  • July 8– Parade at 10:00 am – Alyeska Highway will be closed by 9:30am – all vendors must be in place by this time!
    Fair is open from 11:00am to 8:00 pm
  • July  -9 Fair is open from 11:00 to 6:00 pm  *All vendors are expected to stay open for business during fair hours. You can NOT break your booth down until the fair is closed!  (That would be when the music ENDS on the Main Stage and the crowd has dispersed)
  • MONDAY, July 10 – EVERYTHING MUST GO By 5:00pm!  Booth area must be cleaned up (including cigarette butts and micro-trash) or  you will receive an invoice for the cleanup fee and your booth may be re-assigned next year – NO EXCEPTIONS.

No electrical outlets are available and NO GENERATORS ALLOWED!!! Bring a cart to haul your materials up to ¼ mile into the fair grounds. Come prepared for rain and a cover for your booth.

We do not permit advertising or advocating for anything other than your own booth items and business.

Wandering vendors are not permitted!!! This includes musicians – please contact the music coordinator if you want to play at the fair.

*Attracting Bears

We live in bear country. Several bears live near the Forest Fair and will be attracted by food and garbage. Some foods more than others. This can pose a dangerous situation and every effort should be made to mitigate the attraction. Please use all best camping practices when storing your food items or garbage. Vendors who disregard this warning may not be invited back and may be held responsible for any damages.  ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD is allowed to be left unattended in booths after Fair hours. Please review vendor guidelines and confirmation for details regarding fines that may be assessed.  

Remember, this is a Forest Fair, we do not allow cars, buses, vans, trailers or campers of any type to be used for booths. Make your booth fit within the woodsy environment. The booth operator is responsible for setting up and taking down the booth. Be prepared to work around tree roots – absolutely NO nails in trees.

With any questions or concerns please contact the Boothie Queens (BABOTA) at [email protected]

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